Adesola Obunge - You can achieve extraordinary things today!
About Adesola's Inspiration
My WRITING all started several years ago, when as a teenager I discovered that I really enjoyed writing poems and putting inspirational words to paper. It always came to me easily. Over the years, this grace has grown immensely and it's now time to reach the world.
My PURPOSE is to encourage every reader, and to point them to the Source of all life. When you read my work or share any of the Biblical-based resources with others, I hope that the words come alive and spur you on to love and good deeds. That's what you were created for!
My PASSION is two-fold:
  • That the Holy Spirit captures the heart of every child for Christ
     (See Children's Books)
  • To encourage, and to restore hope into the soul of anyone who has ever been discouraged
Living life with purpose and passion,